Through a commitment to community-led programs that strengthen local healthcare systems, World Pediatrics has unique, sustainable models for advanced pediatric care everywhere we work.


World Pediatrics’ Operational Excellence Creates and Facilitates Networks that Increase Access to Care ...


Through Providing Access

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We scale from local networks to regional networks to global networks that provide access to care. We first seek care and support in-country, then in-region, then internationally.

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Access to advanced pediatric care does not solely consist of the availability of pediatric physicians and support specialists, but rather relies on the accessibility and availability of care through a shared delivery infrastructure that is the founda tion of a functional health system.

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World Pediatrics works within the entire health system to understand unique barriers that influence three factors of access to care everywhere World Pediatrics works:

- Delay Seeking Care (pre-hospital)
- Delay Reaching Care (pre-hospital)
- Delay Receiving Care (hospital)

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World Pediatrics’ regional models and service delivery address these delays through the strengthening of four components of the health system:

Workforce (Pediatric Advanced Care Workforce)

That are Region-Driven

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World Pediatrics’ networks provide the foundation for the regional healthcare delivery model. To provide efficient and effective delivery of care, they are dependent on the strength of regional partnerships and the ability to communicate and collaborate across borders and medical specialties.

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World Pediatrics’ networks consist of multi-national, interprofessional teams that collaborate year-round to provide support, facilitate care, improve local and regional capacity, and transform health systems.

World Pediatrics’ Regional Staff

Executive Leadership
Development Officers
Program Directors
Administrative Support

Government Leaders

Ministry of Health
Medical Councils
Hospital Administration
Elected Officials

Regional Medical Network

Medical Directors
Partner Pediatricians
Physician Specialists
Trained Technicians


Local NGOs
Regional and International IGOs
Private Business
Local Communities and Individuals

That are Patient-Centric & Data-Driven

One-third of World Pediatrics patients are treated multiple times, and half of those are seen for more than one medical specialty.

All World Pediatrics patient information is collected and tracked through a custom-designed patient management platform. This platform updates and monitors patient medical information through age 21, making it accessible to World Pediatrics’ staff, medical volunteers, and regional and international partners.

This system allows World Pediatrics to connect patients with appropriate care and resources worldwide in the least amount of time. It enables a seamless, cross-referral network for all patients requiring multiple specialty care, providing information to assess quality improvement and direct strategic program development