3 Modes of Impact

World Pediatrics provides direct advanced care to thousands of children each year, while also strengthening local pediatric healthcare systems in the world.




Deliver Care

We provide direct pediatric surgical and specialty care to children in need.



Empower Care

We build local workforce capacity and address unique local barriers to accessing advanced pediatric care through a network of partnerships.



Transform Care

We increase capacity through infrastructure and leadership support, strengthening local and regional healthcare systems to help facilitate systems-level, sustainable change.

Key Components of The WPP Model

Build strong international
and regional networks with
hospital partners and medical

Formalize partnerships with
Ministries of Health and regional
health agencies

Strengthen local healthcare
systems by prioritizing education,
training, and advocacy programs

Commit to excellence through
monitoring patient care and
tracking outcomes

Lead efforts on the ground in
all partner countries, with
professional WPP staff and
partner healthcare workers

Cultural competency
and humility

We are guided by our

5 core values

Equitable Access

We empower opportunity

Best - Practice to Next Practice

We innovate and transform

Kids First

We are accountable to the children.

Rooted in Community

We build for a sustainable future

Shoulder -to- Shoulder

We operate with unity and integrity

Regional Approach

World Pediatrics understands that no two countries' needs are the same. We develop specialized regional networks and models of care to meet the unique healthcare needs and opportunities of each community and country where we work.