Organizational History


Organizational Origin

After meeting a young girl in Guyana suffering from accidental ingestion of a caustic cleaning fluid, orthodontist and South Richmond Rotarian Dr. Julian Metts begins formation of his vision of "a hospital without walls."


International Hospital for Children is Founded

South Richmond Rotary Club launches its "project" as the international Hospital for Children (IHC).
International Hospital for Children hires Susan Rickman as Executive Director, its first employee.


Healing the Children Missouri is Founded

Inspired by her experiences in Haiti, as well as having a son whose life was saved by the St. Louis medical community, Kate Corbett establishes Healing the Children Missouri (HTCMO) in St. Louis. Kate also serves as volunteer Executive Director.


1,000th child reached by IHC programs.


First International Staff Member Hired

IHC hires its first overseas staff member, Milagro Garel and opens the office in Belize City, Belize.


Surgical Hub Established in the Eastern Caribbean

IHC launches the Eastern Caribbean "Hub Concept" in partnership with the government of St. Vincent & the Grenadines to extend  surgical services in St. Vincent to children from the entire Eastern Caribbean.


IHC and HTCMO Merge to Form World Pediatric Project

International Hospital for Children merges with Healing the Children Missouri to form World
Pediatric Project, establishing two office locations the United States.

Tapia Twins' Separation Surgery Facilitated by WPP

Conjoined twin girls from the Dominican Republic are successfully separated after surgery at Children's Hospital of Richmond at
VCU - the first of its kind to happen in Richmond.


First NICU Skills Training Team 

WPP establishes its first neonatal care training program in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, providing hands-on skills training to frontline healthcare workers aimed at supporting the health of the smallest of babies.


Milestone: 10,000 Children Healed

WPP reaches a joyous milestone, 10,000 unique children are healed.

Milestone: $100M in Care Delivered

WPP reaches $100,000,000 in total gifted pediatric care has been facilitated.


First Dedicated WPP Operating Theatre Opens

WPP launches its first dedicated operating theatre [operating room] at Milton Cato Memorial Hospital in Kingstown, St. Vincent.


First Eastern Caribbean Perinatal Health Conference is Hosted

WPP hosts the first-ever regional perinatal health conference in the Eastern Caribbean on the island of Barbados with more than 60 participating health professionals from 7 countries.


Susan Rickman retires as Chief Executive Officer of World Pediatric Project after 19 years of service: Executive Vice President Brian Shaw is named Interim CEO.


WPP's Executive Board of Directors announces Vafa Akhavan as permanent Chief Executive Officer, effective October 25*.


New Strategic Vision Set Under New Leadership

WPP begins a transformational 3- year strategic plan to begin the 10-year purpose: to elevate the human condition by enabling the sustainable transformation of access to advanced pediatric healthcare.


WPP Acquires Childspring International Based in Atlanta 

The network expands with the acquisition of Childspring International.

Partnership Resumes in Guyana, the Original Country Partner

Two decades after being founded as a result of medical mission work in Guyana, the organization returns to the country. Marked by a meeting with the First Lady of Guyana, WPP signs an agreement to provide direct and transformational care programs. 

New U.S. Market Established in Raleigh, North Carolina

Facilitated by a significant gift from a longtime generous donor, the organization expands into North Carolina and hires its first staff member in the state.


WPP Becomes World Pediatrics 

World Pediatric Project
evolves from a project to a 
model, a long standing
commitment, and officially rebrands to World Pediatrics.