World Pediatrics' medical volunteers are the healing hands of our pediatric healthcare network and programs.

Our medical volunteers are highly skilled pediatric specialists dedicated to long-term program development, exceptional patient care, and collaboration with local healthcare workers. All World Pediatrics medical volunteers are pediatric-trained, certified, and recognized leaders within their respective fields and specialties. Before traveling, they undergo cultural competency training and work closely with in-country physician partners and medical support teams year-round.

Through their participation in World Pediatrics’ programs and interaction with patients, our medical volunteers acquire new skills and unique experiences. These insights are then integrated into their practices and hospitals in the US, enhancing the healthcare capacity of the local American communities they serve.

“World Pediatrics has been transformative for the VCU Health System. By participating in World Pediatrics’ work, our doctors and nurses have become global leaders in specialty surgical cases. 
The volunteer opportunities provided through World Pediatrics are also excellent for our employee and student recruitment and retention.” 

David Lanning, MD, PhD
World Pediatrics medical volunteer; Associate Chief Medical Officer; Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU

Join Us

World Pediatrics currently has a waitlist of referred medical volunteers eager to join future programs. We welcome your questions and interest in learning more about our initiatives. Please feel free to contact us for further information.